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Diablo III above normal mode have no special awards to first kill

From the latest official feedback, one of the first questions we think have larger discussion space, especially in the current game tasks under way.

Diablo III, no matter what the difficulty, all the BOSS for a default unified first kill records, for example when you in ordinary under difficult struck the butcher, in the next three difficulty struck again no additional incentives (it is four a rare items). It seems not so reasonable, and seems to through the group to bypass the game setting, will each difficulty of the first three BOSS in the first kill purgatory difficulty (Diablo unable to bypass). And the middle of the nightmare and hell difficulty levels, lost the first kill reward, the BOSS of players really without attractive, especially the first began to game the way for players!

Question: why do more than normal mode first kill not rare drops boss? This let players feel that makes no sense, also let the difficulty of not feeling so behind the epic.

Answer: The best of the drop not from boss (no nie method of courage rem), we think we have common difficulty reward is interesting, to the nightmare difficulty and above the players should start to adapt to the boss is not the best source for the fall.

Problem: Let the log in their Numbers sorting it, not pick up the order.

Answer: Thank you for your feedback, it's a good idea.



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