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What do we do?
Along with the top-speed expansion of WOW and the continuous updating of series of Raids, there are impassioned appeals out of our enthusiastic players –To obtain items relaxed please; to make our weapons more matchlessly please; to save more time for us please because we are busy with daily work. Now the site is owned and operated by UAB Glocash Payment (T.Narbuto str. 5,Vilnius LT 08105,Lithuania).
Here we declare to our enthusiastic players all over the world that we can help our dear friends make all your dreams come true.
In our site, we will help you get any dreamed BOE and BOP Items as well as kinds of Set Items. You will never worry to find any raid team in vain or never be frustrated by Boss.
Move your mouse softly; you will click it to find more surprises. It is full of your dreamed items in our site anywhere.
What have we done?
2005 Company has been set up. Start World of Warcraft Gold Business.
We started in small but quickly became very popular among WOW players
2006 Become an important store of WOW on Ebay.
2007 Direction of management practices B2C. Branch in Canada has been set up.
2008 We became a very important virtual goods seller. Branch in USA has been set up.
2010 We have trained more than 200 professional farmers to farm gold and items for our
customers. We have made 9 web sites concerning with gold and power leveling.
2011 In order to meet all players’ need with items, we make our new site: www.raiditem.com
to access all players to check what you need.
Our Team
We have been successful to train more than 200 professional farmers Out of our teamers. Over the six years development, we have set up a sophisticated company culture based on our values (Enthusiasm, High ethics, Openness and Teamwork). The company culture is supported by our code of conduct, which applies to our activities all over the world.
Our Customer Service
We have made every effort to establish a great customer service team, professional and intelligent. You will experience different service from others. Also you'll get lots of sincere fiends as you like. As the consideration of the company’s core of values, we are always taking our customer on the top of the business and we all put the customer service on the first place. We have the most enthusiastic and hard-working employees and 24/7 customer live service. They are all the guarantee of the perfect customer service.
Contact us
•Contact E-mail: Service@raiditem.com
•Customer Service Line: 1-818-239-4912
•Manager E-email: manager@mmoitem.com

Company : UAB Glocash Payment

Address : T.Narbuto str. 5,Vilnius LT 08105,Lithuania

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