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First Look at the Diablo III Patch 2.6.1 - Obtain 30% Code for Crafting Materials

According the official website, the latest patch for Diablo III is on its way! Do you want to have a look at the latest Patch 2.6.1? d3itemsale.com will share with you the latest news, you can get to know about incoming class set updates, skill changes, and balance passes coming in Patch 2.6.1. Of course, you can buy cheap diablo 3 items from us enjoying low price and fast delivery. While in order to celebrate the upcoming Halloween day, we have prepared huge Crafting Materials with 30% code, Safe and fast delivery for all of you. Seize the best time to save your money at our site without registration.

Class Set Revisions

The theme of this patch is balance. Blizzard has taken a top-down look across all class performance in Greater Rifts, and made several changes to bring as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as possible. Targeting the most popular or requested builds, we started with Class sets, and you can expect buffs coming your way no matter which hero is your favorite.

While some sets, like Legacy of Raekor or Uliana’s Strategem, have simply received numerical tweaks in power, others have had minor functionality tweaks that make a big difference. The Necromancer isn’t left out either; if you enjoy the bloody gameplay of Trag’Oul’s Avatar, the double-life cost from the 6-piece set bonus has been removed. Hardcore players may now feel a bit more comfortable experimenting with this set, enabling oodles of gore-tastic gameplay.  

Skill Changes

While most of the incoming changes are focused on items, there were some skills that needed tweaks to improve their overall performance. Skills are the stage upon which balance is built, so we identified a number of them that would benefit from more careful tuning and improved in-game performance .

Other changes were more straightforward. They noticed, for example, that Arcane Orb (Frozen Orb) could not benefit from either the Power Hungry or Audacity passives due to its ideal explosion range. They’ve increased its range to 40 yards to make the intent of this skill’s synergies clearer.

Item Revisions

Like the changes made to class set items, the developers have targeted many Legendary items to help with tuning. The large majority of these are number tweaks, but keep an eye out for a few exceptions with broader updates!

Nevalistis said: “Patch 2.6.1 is well on its way and will make game play options more diverse than ever!” yes, so what classic build are you looking forward to revisiting? Let’s stay turned! Now you can buy safe Diablo 3 Item from d3itemsale.com at the most competitive price. Order now!

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