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Challenge Rifts Are Available for Diablo III

Today Blizzard brings Challenge Rifts to Diablo III. It can give players a chance to try out challenges with a class and build they might not have ever used. Nevalistis showed the latest news on the official website. If you want to get the details, d3itemsale would like to share the information with you. Read on to learn about what they are, how to play them, and the rewards you can earn! Also, you can buy diablo 3 items with safe delivery at D3itemsale.

1. What Are Challenge Rifts?

Challenge Rifts are exact copies of a Greater Rift that has been previously completed by another player. To create the weekly Challenge Rift, Blizzard pulls a “snapshot” of a Greater Rift directly f1rom a given player’s account. They recreate that player’s exact character for the Challenge Rift, including their equipment, paragon levels, and skill loadout.

2. How To Play a Challenge Rift?

Select a Challenge Rifts on the same screen where you choose to enter Story or Adventure mode. Don’t worry about picking a character before you enter a Challenge Rift—everyone has access to the same one, down to the gear, gems, and paragon points. Once you load in to the Challenge Hub, you can check out the tools at your disposal by visiting the Soul Mirror.

3. When Can You Get the Rewards?

Most Challenge Rifts are easily completable within the first few tries, and beating the original time will get you a tidy bag of crafting materials. You can earn this reward once per week, and it resets each Monday afternoon, when the newest Challenge Rift is made available.

If you want to get in, get your rewards, and go back to your seasonal character, but feel that this week’s Monk build just isn’t your cup of tea, consider gathering a group of friends to tackle the Rift with you. You’ll find it’s a quick process when you divide and conquer, and it can be a lot of fun racing each other to the next juicy pack of minions.

Now, take action and conquer those challenges! D3itemsale.com as a professional diablo 3 sale website would like to offer latest game news and share with all of you. If you like our site, please continue to pay attention to us, and we will do our best to make our customers satisfied. If you have any questions or suggestions about d3itemsale, welcome to our site and contact our live chat to let us know.

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