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D3itemsale: Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Class & Build Guide

Hi, dear diablo 3 players! Have you ever felt that Demon Hunters are underpowered? If so, actually this class needs to be played with a degree of patience and planning to be fully effective. Today d3itemsale will share some Demon Hunter class & build tips with you, please pay attention to this post if you need. Also, diablo 3 items are available at d3itemsale with cheap price, buy it here without registering.

A real strength of the character is mobility, and it's possible to build out a highly mobile, crowd control Demon Hunter that's a blast to play if you like shooting things from afar. Use Entangling Shot and Frost Elemental Arrow to slow down the rampaging hordes, while Strafe cuts them all down. Vault and Smoke Screen can keep you out of trouble, and Evasive Fire is a two-for one evade-and-shoot deal. 

The key to playing this character is staying mobile and looking for space to run into. Basically run, turn, walk backwards, let loose, and start running as the monsters begin to close in. Just make sure you keep your running in a tight area, as you don't want to aggro the next set of MOBs, wherever they are. 

There's some excellent synergy to be found in Cluster Grenades, Cluster Arrows, Rapid Fire and Chakram. However, while Chakram can be devastating, to get the most out of it, you need very precise timing so you can nail several critters at once. For some people, that's just not fun, and if that's you, then Rapid Fire is the best alternative. Add Marked for Death to dial up the damage, and Sentry to add more firepower, and you'll have an extremely strong offensive-focused character. Caltrops is the sensible defensive option, but Shadow Power is recommended for the more aggressive player. 

This is an easy build to play. Stay mobile, kite like crazy. 

A decent all-round build can be created with Evasive Arrow, Spike Trap and Elemental Arrow. Smoke Screen and Vault are your kiting tools, and Preparation helps ensure they're ready to use almost anytime. This build starts out a little slowly, but as you level up and can finesse your spells to suit your playstyle, you'll find it grows in strength exponentially. 

Like other Demon Hunter builds, it requires you to be mobile. Don't be afraid to use your evasion tools whenever you're in trouble, and get used to running, turning, firing and then evading when things get close. If you can plan your traps well and kite your enemies into them, this build is very satisfying to play. 

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