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D3itemsale Cheap Diablo 3 items Sale | Witch Doctor Class and Build Guide

Hey, guys! As you know, Witch Doctors are highly versatile, and bring a lot of different mechanics to the table. Today D3itemsale would like to share some Witch Doctor class and build guides with you. By the way, if you want to purchase cheap diablo 3 items online, then d3itemsale is definitely your best choice.

If you like the idea of casting swarms of minions, and watching while they go to town on the enemy, then what you need is Plague of Toads, Locust Swarms, Fetish Army, and Zombie Dogs. They'll provide plenty of chums to keep you company, while Mass Confusion will persuade the enemies to fight for you, adding even more oomph to your personal army - albeit temporarily. The last slot is personal preference. Wall of Zombies or Piranhas can be a lot of fun if you really want to go to town on the theme of this build, while Zombie Charger gives you one additional powerful minion to work with. Acid Cloud is also useful if you want additional AOE power. 

With this build, you want to keep your distance and let your minions do the work for you. In that sense, this build can sometimes feel a little boring, because you're not exactly the one doing the slaying, but as you level up, it becomes increasingly more entertaining. 

A slightly odd build, but one that offers a different playstyle to most involves using Firebomb, Grasp of the Dead and Acid Cloud. That combination - especially at higher levels - causes AOE zones that can be deadly to the enemy. What else you take depends on how you like to play. But we recommend Zombie Dogs, Sacrifice and Gargantuan. Sacrifice gives you some good tricks up your sleeve, while the minions can mop up monsters that survive your AOE of doom. This build is excellent, but be careful you don't get surrounded. Drop your AOE on the floor, and kite monsters through it repeatedly. 

Finally, this build initially looks like a mish-mash of skills, but actually, there's a lot of synergy here that lets a player with good timing stack up damage boosters to lay down some fierce offense. Poison Dart, Spirit Barrage and Haunt kick things off, while Hex and Soul Harvest provide damage boosts. Big Bad Voodoo is what you want to take eventually, but probably not until level 44, when it really comes into its own. Until then, either of the other spells will suffice. 

Timing is everything with this character, and you need to be constantly moving, because you have little in the way of control spells. Use Soul Harvest and Hex whenever they're up, and let rip. This build delivers very strong direct damage, so make sure you always stay focused on the biggest threats first, and then take out the smaller stuff.

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