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D3itemsale Shares Diablo 3 Crusader Class and Build Guide

Welcome to d3itemsale.com! As you see, Diablo's newest class is melee, but doesn't always feel like it with this build. Are you looking for the Crusader class and build guide? Please come to our site and read this post. Also, d3itemsale offers cheap diablo 3 items with high quality.

Smite and Blessed Shield give your damage-dealing capabilities some range, and Condemn and Bombardment add additional options to the same end. Defensively, Shield Glare and Laws of Hope are good ones to take - the latter spell's continued healing effect is very useful. This build involves more sitting back than most melee characters. Timing is key, and you want to be using your spells when MOBs begin to group up, so you can maximize your output. 

Want to try healing? This build is an odd one, but strangely effective. Slash and Sweep Attack work well together, and if you're in the thick of battle, you can effectively smash through enemy lines. Steed Charge and Falling Sword give you mobility, while also dishing out some quality damage. Finally, Consecration and Laws of Hope provide this build's healing aspect. 

This is a highly mobile build, enabling you to charge around the battlefield dishing out impressive sweeping damage, while also looking after your party. This is not a tank build, even though it plays like one, so don't forget that you can use your mobility spells to get yourself out of trouble just as quickly as they got you into it. 

The Crusader can also make an effective tank. Smite is where you need to start, and then add Shield Bash to give yourself battlefield mobility so you can get to MOBs before they get to anyone else. Iron Skin makes you a tougher target to take down - especially when you double down with Laws of Justice. Provoke is a classic tank taunt spell, while Akarat's Champion offers some utility - especially at later levels. 

Play this build like a typical tank. Get right into the thick of things, and use your cooldowns on rotation to stay alive. Don't make the mistake of saving your damage-reduction spells until you're low on health. Use them when you're taking damage at high health, which will give you a lot more room to react if things start going wrong. You really don't want to be trying to get away from critters when you have just a sliver of health. 

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