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D3itemsale: Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide

If you want to experience the brutality of melee combat in its full, blood-drenched glory, you can choose the Barbarian. Today d3itemsale will share the best Barbarian leveling and fresh 70 guide with you. BTW, diablo 3 items are on hot sale at d3itemsale, buy it to enhance your game now! 

The Barbarian deals in charging, slicing and smashing demons to a pulp - enraged with maddening frenzy, but standing strong and unrelenting through mighty war cries. You will build up your energies by rampaging around in combat, leaping and shouting, and channel the built up Fury into massive, sweeping strikes. The Barbarian is the epitomy of a ruthless brawler in Diablo 3.

1.Beginner Build
Note that while the skills and runes recommended in the build are specifically chosen to be available at an early level and remain a solid pick throughout the leveling and early character progression, you will have to temporarily work with other skills as the build gradually unlocks. To familiarize yourself with the class, experimentation is strongly encouraged.

The build revolves around the DoT superiority of Rend Rend, capable of tagging multiple enemies with a lethal effect while allowing you to move on, increasing leveling and early farming efficiency. To further increase its potency, you will seek out big packs with either Leap Leap or Furious Charge Furious Charge, and draw a crowd towards the carnage with Ground Stomp Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash Wrenching Smash. Buff up regularly with War Cry War Cry, and activate Wrath of the Berserker Wrath of the Berserker whenever you engage elites or a large fight ensues.

3.Skills, Runes and Passives
The basis of every build lies in its chosen damage dealing skills. As they invariably require resource or cooldown management mechanics of some sort, and such are scarce for low level and less geared characters, you will focus on fewer damage dealing abilities early on. The typical early game build will feature a dominant damage dealer, a mobility skill, buffs and/or shields, and resource generators (either active or passive). The recommended split is:

4.Gear and Stats Priorities
As the leveling process in Diablo 3 is relatively quick, specific legendary recommendations are impossible. During leveling finding upgrades is frequent, so your gear will be swapped in and out within the span of a few minutes. Following the in-game comparison system and the stat priorities outlined in the tables below will result in a solid character throughout the leveling journey.

Note that skill damage and elemental damage recommendations only apply if the majority of your damage is done through that skill or element. For alt characters however, sockets take priority above all other attributes, since you can slot high level gems and benefit massively from their stat increase. For the purposes of an alt character, leveling a Gem of Ease Gem of Ease to level 25 and socketing it in a level 70 weapon will be the single biggest boost you can provide to the leveling process.

These guides are written by a professional player who named Deadset on Icy-veins. If you want to get more tips and tricks for diablo 3, please pay close attention to our website, and we would like to share the useful tips with you. Welcome to d3itemsale to buy Diablo 3 Item with cheapest price and fastest delivery!

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