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D3itemsale: Best Diablo 3 Builds for Monks, Witch Doctors & Wizards

In our previous news, we’ve shared the best tips about how to create the most powerful Barbarians, Crusaders and Demon Hunters. Today we will continue to bring the rest characters’ build guides to you. If you are looking for the best build guide for Monks, Witch Doctors or Wizards, please read this article, you will get the answer. Of course, you can buy cheap diablo 3 items at d3itemsale.com.


Their best set: Monks got a big nerf in 2.4 so they’re not as shiny (yet) as before. There are still some great builds and sets that’ll make monks unstoppable though. The Sunwuko’s set for example, focusing everything on the monks’ Wave of Light skill, is superb if we’d like to speedrun rifts and bounties. And of course we want to do that, monks are fast melee fighters. The reworked Inna’s set is also great but it’s more useful if we want to build a tanky character relying on Mystic Ally pets followers.

Fan favorite build: Anything that boosts skills such as Sweeping Wind (items like Kyoshiro’s Soul or Vengeful Wind) and Wave of Light (Tzo Krin’s Gaze or Pinto’s Pride) is gold. Some of these items, mixed up with some essential legendaries and Sunwuko’s set pieces, will make an awesome, fast, unstoppable monk.

Great Kanai’s Cube powers: If we’re using Mystic Allies, the Crudest Boots help a lot, since they can summon some additional allies. Other than that, the Flying Dragon weapon and its ability to double our attack speed is quite powerful, and some essential legendaries, such as In-geom or the Ring of the Royal Grandeur will work just fine.

Witch Doctors:

Their best set: The Jade Harvester set is still amazing and makes the Soul Harvest skill super powerful. Reinforcing it with a Sacred Harvester weapon and its ability to further boost Soul Harvest will grant us the basis of a very popular Jade build. It’s still very effective in patch 2.4.

Fan favorite build: Although the Jade Harvester build’s pretty powerful already, all the top witch doctor players are using the same strategy top crusaders do: the 2-piece set of rings, The Wailing Host and the Litany of the Undaunted, and a crazy amount of ancient legendaries. Stick to a build using set items if you’re on lower Torment difficulty levels, and try to switch to something with ancient legendaries for Torment X and above.

Great Kanai’s Cube powers: The Mask of Jeram has a pretty cool bonus. With this head item, pets will deal 75-100% more damage, and as witch doctors are heavily relying on pets all the time, this item (or more importantly, its legendary affix) is quite essential. Other than that Lakumba’s Ornament (more Soul Harvest bonuses) and In-geom (skill cooldowns are reduced) are always working too. As you can see there are some legendaries that work really well in Kanai’s Cube all the time, with all classes.


Their best set: The Firebird’s set is the best choice for rifts and bounties. With its set bonus it’s enough to just tag the monsters we encounter and the burning effect will do the job automatically. With the Tal Rasha’s set however we’ll do more damage and at the same time survive more easily.

Fan favorite build: While the above mentioned sets are still pretty powerful, the current top wizard players are using a build based on the Delsere’s set and its huge boost to Explosive Blast, Energy Twister and a whole bunch of other skills. This build requires some pretty rare legendaries, but if you can add a Twisted Sword and the Orb of Infinite Depth (both have additional boosts to the same skills) you’ll get a crazy powerful wizard. A build based on Firebird’s or Tal Rasha’s is pretty cool around Torment VI, but if you’d like to step it up and clear Torment X and crazy Greater Rifts, go for Delsere’s and the additional rare legendaries.

Great Kanai’s Cube powers: Depends on which elemental power is used in our build. The Cindercoat for example reduces fire resource costs, so if we’re boosting fire damage, the harvested Kanai powers should reflect that. If it’s cold, something that gives some extra cold damage (the Rimeheart is a good weapon choice for example) would work. And so on and so forth.

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