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D3itemsale: Blizzard Says Multiple Diablo Projects Are In The Works

In the past few years, things have been slow in Diablo-land, but that’s likely going to change soon. According to Blizzard teasing on Twitter today, it has some Diablo projects in the works. For the detailed information, please keep your eyes on here! Yes, you can buy diablo 3 items at d3itemsale without registering.

In a short video, Blizzard community manager Brandy Camel promised Diablo fans that the company isn’t ignoring the popular action-adventure franchise. “We have multiple Diablo projects in the works,” she said. “Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year.”

It’s safe to guess that one of those is the next big Diablo game—that’s likely the one that’s going to take longer than others—and we’re pretty sure that another is a port of Diablo III to Switch.

In fact, Blizzard had teased as much, tweeting a photo of Diablo III’s logo on a light switch on February 28 of this year. But the company soon denied that was the case, telling Kotaku at the time that “the tweet was meant to be a fun engagement piece. We do not have any plans to announce Diablo for Switch.”

Yet Eurogamer reported shortly afterward that Diablo III was indeed in development for the Switch, and Kotaku has heard the same from a reliable source. It’s a safe bet that we’ll hear more about this port before year’s end.

Diablo III, which had a rocky start when it launched in May 2012, has sold over 30 million copies across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, came out in March 2014, transforming it into one of the better action-RPGs out there. The game has received a regular trickle of updates and seasons since then, although there have been no new acts or substantial content updates—the biggest, 2017's Rise of the Necromancer, added a new class to the game. It’s due time for new Diablo stuff.

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