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Join The Legendary Hunt for Wonderful Treasures!

If you are a fan of Diablo 3, then here comes a chance for you to get great treasures! Based on the information D3itemsale.com know, Diablo 3 official hold a treasure hunt event to get you in shape for Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch. Want to know more about this amazing event? Learn the details below. By the way, you can buy d3 items on our site at the cheapest price without registration. 

The Diablo3 team have hidden items across the internet, as well as in a few real-world locations, and it's up to you to find them. Of course they will give all players some clues on where to look. In the coming days, they will share clues on official Twitter page. Once you decipher them, visit the corresponding location (online or in real life) to find an item or QR code. Click the link or scan the item you found, and you'll be whisked away to your collections page, where you can track all the items you've collected so far.

The items you find earn you entries into a prize drawing, where you could win all kinds of amazing treasures. The number of entries you get for each item you find varies on its quality, so keep an eye out for those Legendaries! Besides, buy d3 power leveling on d3itemsale.com for top services.

Among the prizes up for grabs are copies of the Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, digital copies of the game, and various collectible goodies. You definitely can't miss them if you like Diablo3. You can also earn real life versions of some of the items you’ll find on the hunt! These are one-of-a-kind artifacts, brought to life by the crafting masters at Volpin Props.

This event is absolutely interesting. And you will have so much fun if you take part in it. Now it's time to move and win the prizes! Further information will be update by D3itemsale.com, please stay tuned on our site. Besides, if you need to buy d3 boost form the most reliable seller, then we are totally your first choice. Please feel free to contact us when you are in need. 

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