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Will These Diablo Epic News Be Revealed at BlizzCon 2018?

BlizzCon 2018 is approaching us. This is absolutely an amazing event for every Diablo fans. As is tradition, there will be lots of epic news about Diablo get revealed. Today, d3itemsale.com want to share some Diablo related announcements that may pop up at BlizzCon 2018. Please check them below. Besides, if you need a place to buy diablo 3 items then please head to our website for cheapest price and 100% safe instant delivery.

Diablo Netflix Series
There are rumors that Blizzard has a potential deal with Netflix to produce a series based within the world of Diablo. Just few weeks ago, they confirmed that Blizzard is actively in talks with industry professionals to explore a potential Diablo series. Therefore, BlizzCon would be a perfect chance to announce this wonderful news. 

Diablo Mobile
Although there is no evidence to support that Diablo will be available on mobile. But it is worthy expecting when it's a trend to have a mobile project. It's definitely more convenient for players to get a mobile version of their beloved game. Perhaps the developers will surprise us at BlizzCon. For your information, buy d3 boost on our website is a wise choice to enhance yourself in game. 

Diablo III Updates
There have been rumors that earlier this year the primary responsibilities for Diablo 3 were handed from Team 3 over to Classic Games. With the press tours of the Switch port being headed by Pete Stilwell, Senior Producer of Classic Games, it lends a lit more evidence that this is true. What does this mean for the game itself? That means that Blizzard can have Team 3 focus on the Unannounced Project while still providing a level of support for Diablo III. By the time BlizzCon rolls around, it'll have been over a year since the last the time the game received any meaningful updates (Patch 2.6.1), and it's likely time for some quality of life changes for the game. We've seen with Season 14 & 15 that Blizzard has been using some of the past community buffs, with the final ones to be reused simply being EXP increases or Legendary drop rate boosts. If Blizzard were to change it up and create something entirely new, Season 16 would be the perfect time for it and any announcements at BlizzCon would still give a little over a month for a PTR and testing before the proposed ending of Season 15 in December.

We believe that there will be more Diablo related news in the next few weeks. Perhaps they will surprise us all at the BlizzCon. And we will keep update the latest information, please stay tuned on our site. As mentioned above, you can always buy d3 power leveling from us when you are in need. We'd be very honored to offer you help.

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