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Challenge Rift Week 70 Now Live in Diablo 3!

Challenge Rift week 70 starts in Diablo 3 now! As a separate, self-contained game mode, you can enjoy lots of different experience here. For those beginners who haven't play Challenge Rift before, d3itemsale.com want to make a simple guide about Challenge Rift today. Please read this article very carefully if you want to join this wonderful event. In addition, you can buy d3 boost from us at the cheapest price and 100% safe instant delivery without registration. 

Challenge Rifts are a unique experience in Diablo 3. They're an opportunity to compete against your friends and the rest of the community in a totally static, completely level playing field. All players have the same gear and skill loadouts and paragon points, and they're all running through identical Greater Rift layouts, right down to the monsters. Completing the Challenge Rift as fast as possible is a testament to your knowledge of the game, your skill with that class, and your ability to analyze situations and make the best of them.

Of course, not everyone is down for competition, and it's totally fine if that includes you. Most Challenge Rifts are easily completable within the first few tries, and beating the original time will get you a tidy bag of crafting materials. Therefore, you can buy d3 power leveling in advance to enhance yourself before step into this area.You can earn this reward once per week, and it resets each Monday afternoon, when the newest Challenge Rift is made available.

If you want to get in, get your rewards, and go back to your seasonal character, but feel that this week's Monk build just isn't your cup of tea, consider gathering a group of friends to tackle the Rift with you. You'll find it's a quick process when you divide and conquer, and it can be a lot of fun racing each other to the next juicy pack of minions.

Finally, don't be surprised if you see some strange builds and gear loadouts pop up in Challenge Rifts from time to time. Maybe the original player hastily swapped characters and was missing a Legendary Gem or two when we captured their snapshot. Or perhaps that week's challenge is a freshly-leveled seasonal character, with the sort of hodgepodge gear loadout you’d expect. Just go with it. It's okay to try something a little wacky and "off the meta." If you need to buy diablo 3 items then please feel free to visit d3itemsale.com at any time. 

More news of Diablo 3 will be updated on our website. Please stay tuned on our site if you want to the latest information. We are always your first if you want to buy d3 items for upgrading. We'd be very glad to help you when you are in need. And it's definitely an honor for us. 

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