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Preview Diablo 3 Amiibo on D3itemsale.com!

Recently Blizzard announced a very amazing news for Nintendo fans. Diablo is getting its first Amiibo figure, and based on the information d3itemsale.com knows, it's not any character you would guess. Do you want to know more about the Amiibo? Please learn it below. As you know, we are always the best place to buy diablo 3 items. Please head to our website directly whenever you need us. 

As you can see in the picture above, the Amiibo is actually the mischievous loot goblin who gets the Amiibo treatment! And it will be launched on December. However, Blizzard hasn't confirmed the release date yet. But it’s still worth expecting. And it's notable for featuring a unique design, both in terms of the figure itself and the box. The box looks more like a Funko Pop than the standard Amiibo packaging we're accustomed to, while the figure has a cartoonish look. It actually appears to be the same design as an earlier Cute But Deadly figurine. 

The figure's exact function in the Switch game isn't detailed for now, but Blizzard teases that you may be able to use it to access The Vault, a secret treasure goblin area filled with loot. Apparently, this Amiibo will have more functions when it's launched. We will share all the new information with you at that time. 

Hope you guys will like this new Diablo Amiibo. More news about Diablo will be revealed on our site. Please stay tuned on us. In addition, you can always buy d3 boost from us at the cheapest price with 100% safe instant delivery. All the items you may need in Diablo 3 can be found. Whenever you want to buy d3 power leveling, we are always here for you with the most reasonable price and top services.   

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