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D3itemsale Tell You How to Beat Malthael Easily!

As the final boss, Malthael is definitely a challenge for all players. And of course, you can get huge rewards once you defeat him. So today, d3itemsale.com want to share a simple guide to help you. Please check it out below. For your information, you can buy d3 boost from us to prepare yourself before fighting against him. 

As you know, this is a fight of three phases but there are a handful of attacks that Malthael makes use of in all three: summoned fog patches that do damage over time, a charge attack that can knock you into these patches, and a swirling ring of energy that damages anyone inside its perimeter. But you can complete these challenges if you now the following tricks. 

In first phase, he'll also summon glowing orbs which move out towards the edge of the battle arena. These are pretty easy to dodge, but they will slow your movement speed down if you're caught by them. Whet you need to do is dodging everything that comes your way and throw whatever damage you can at Malthael. Therefore, you need to buy diablo 3 items in advance to make sure you have the power to fight him. 

In second phase, he'll occasionally summon a swarm of souls that spiral in towards the centre of the combat zone, before flying out to the edges. Remember do not come into contact with any of these or you'll take a large amount of damage. Malthael will also summon assistants during this phase, you can kill them to get hold of some very handy health globes.

For the final phase, expect those foggy patches to represent a massive threat, along with a new Soul Sweep effect from the boss. When activated, Malthael will head to the middle of the room and then launch a series of flaming waves. You must get behind him when this happens and stay there for as long as it takes the spell to dissipate.

You can now log in game and try these tips when fighting Malthael. Besides, as mentioned above, you can buy d3 power leveling from us with 100% safe instant delivery. Please feel free to visit our site if you need help. And don’t forget to stay tuned on our site for more news and guides about Diablo 3. 

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