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Choose The Right Gem to Enhance Yourself!

When you play Diablo 3, you can hoover up loads of gems. There is no doubt that you can use these rare items to upgrade your armors and weapons for stronger power. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right gem and upgrading them. So, d3itemsale.com will share you a gem guide today to help you. If you are not interested in the gem guide, perhaps you can find some useful guides in previous guides. Please feel free to visit our website when you need help. Besides, cheapest price and 100% safe instant delivery are guaranteed for you to buy diablo 3 items on our site without any risk.

You must know there are five different types of gems- Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz and Diamond. Each of them possess great power that can boost your stats in a certain way. The gems within each category are tiered in terms of the combat bonuses they provide, so a gem you find in your first hour in-game will provide only a small boost, while later jewels become much more powerful. You'll find these improved gems as you reach certain leveling thresholds. 

Once you farmed enough gems to enhance yourself, all you need to do is to choose the right gem for each class. The right gem can balance your character's combat stats and make it much more nuanced. That means you can get more powerful. If you can't farm the items you need, perhaps you should buy d3 power leveling to upgrade yourself first. Rare items are always more easily to get when you are at a higher level. Besides, getting the best Ruby you can find for your Head slot will help you level up nice and quickly, while stuffing your gear with gems that boost your class's preferred stats will help increase the damage you can inflict against enemies. Here is a list of each class and the match gem.

- Barbarian: Ruby
- Crusader: Ruby
- Demon Hunter: Emerald
- Monk: Emerald
- Witch Doctor: Topaz
- Wizard: Topaz

After get your character the right gem, what you need to do is upgrading your gems using the Jeweler. Remember that the gems you craft become more powerful, the cost of crafting each one increases. So, never stop crafting items in-game . If your crafting is really in shortage, then maybe you can buy d3 boost to change this situation. Besides, you'll also need up to three gems from the tier below to create the gem you're actually interested in, and these old gems are destroyed in the crafting process. This pyramid of decreasing returns, combined with an escalating crafting cost, makes it challenging to acquire the very finest gems.

All contents above is exactly what you need to know about Gems. If you want to learn more, please visit our website at any time. You are highly welcomed here. In addition, if you want to buy d3 items, please head to our website directly. We will never let you down!  

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