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Tips You Need to Know About Defeating Act-1 Bosses!

Previously we made some guides about Diablo 3 classes. We are positive these guides have helped you. So today, D3itemsale.com want to share you the boss guide of each Act in Diablo 3. And of course we will start form Act-1. So, please stay tuned on our site if you want to know more tips of Diablo 3! Besides, if you want to buy diablo 3 items, then we are definitely your first choice for we offer you cheapest price and best services of all time. 

Now, let's check out what do you need to know if you want to defeat the boss in Act 1 - New Tristram. 

The Skeleton King

The first major boss you encountered in Diablo 3 won't present you with too much of a problem, but the mad king's still capable of cracking a few unprepared skulls. By combining skeletal summons with a handful of deadly melee attacks, he can catch you off-guard at higher difficulty levels. Do deal with those packs of skeletons quickly when they appear, but otherwise just keep chipping away at the star of the show.

Melee characters like the Barbarian, Monk and Crusader should keep him at arm's length whenever he swings his huge mace around, while ranged attackers need to keep enough distance to avoid his charged attacks. He'll also teleport directly to you at certain points, so have one finger near your emergency escape button at all times. Besides, don't forget to buy d3 boost in advance. It would be better to face the challenge if you are fully prepared.  

The Butcher

The next boss ups the challenge a little bit, thanks largely to an unstable environment that can erupt into flames at any moment, forcing you to adjust your positioning in order to avoid a toasty death. The Butcher himself's no slouch in the damage department either, and keeping an eye on his attack type telegraphs is the key to surviving the fight.

Watch out for the line of flashing arrows that lead out from him towards a wall, as he'll charge right along it to get to his destination. Make sure you throw out all the damage you can while he's stunned. Watch out for the hook he throws at you too - get caught up in this and you'll have no choice but to take a powerful melee attack in the face. So, you'd better buy d3 power leveling to level up yourself quickly if you want to survive this. And he'll point to his cleaver before flinging the hook your way, so keep your eyes peeled before the Butcher peels them for you.

Everything you need to notice while facing the boss of Act-1 are all mentioned above. Remember these tips will definitely help you a lot. As mentioned, you can always buy d3 items from us without registration and any risk. If you ever need help, please visit our site at any time! 

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