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Unlock Royal Calf in Darkening Of Tristram Event!

Previously we shared the details of Darkening of Tristram event on our official website d3itemsale.com. Since this event is already begin, we assume that you have already explored this returning challenge. However, for those who don't know how to join this event, we made a simple guide for you. Except this guide, cheapest price and top services await you to buy diablo 3 items on our site. 

Now it's time time to reveal the guide for you all. To start the event, you need to visit a portal in Old Tristram that's next to the fountain. This zone is called "Tristram" and the levels are named "Labyrinth." 

The new event will allow players in Adventure Mode to fight cultists who try to reclaim the famous Tristram. Deckard Cain is just trying to take a nap and these evil doers won't stop trying to destroy his universe. According to the blog post "you'll uncover clues leading to a portal into Tristram's past, and the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago." No idea what that means, but it sounds pretty rough. Therefore, it's absolutely a wise choice to buy d3 boost to boost yourself up in advance. 

There's also the return of the Cathedral dungeon, a labyrinth that dates back to the original Diablo game. Fight hundreds of nameless enemies and you'll eventually end up fighting the Butcher, Skeleton King, Lazarus and the Dark Lord himself. The dungeon is 16 levels deep, with four different sections based off classic Diablo landscapes. You need to be very careful when you fight against your enemies here. Players can unlock a Butcher pet, new banner and items for completing this dungeon. If you're a hardcore Diablo player, you must seize this chance and get these amazing rewards for yourself. 

There is no doubt that more new features will arrive Diablo 3 for this special anniversary. Please stay tuned on d3itemsale.com for the latest information. Besides, you can always buy d3 power leveling from us whenever you are in need. We are always here for you and supporting you!

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