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The Ultimate Guide for Diablo 3 Newcomers!

For most players, Diablo 3 isn't a hard game. However, these contents and branches it contained do make newcomers overwhelmed sometimes. Therefore, d3itemsale.com want to share this guide to help the newcomers. Of course the veterans are welcomed to check the guide as well, perhaps you will be inspired! In addition, don't forget to seek help from us when you need to buy diablo 3 items, cheapest price and safe instant delivery are guaranteed for you!

Experience all classes
As a newcomer, it may be annoying for you to choose an approving class. The best solution is try every class, then choose the best one to fit your play style. For example, Barbarian and Monk are primarily melee fighters, though the Monk has a wide-range of mystical buffs. The Crusader is a holy warrior who hits hard but can regenerate health and buff their allies. 

Level up in Adventure Mode
In Adventure Mode, you'll complete bounties, which are bite-sized snippets of the campaign, for massive rewards of both XP and loot. You can aim for difficulties higher than your level to further increase the payday, too. It's entirely possible to reach level 70 with as much time spent in Adventure Mode as it would take to finish the campaign. If you still think it's too slow to level up in Adventure Mode, then it's a good choice to buy d3 power leveling for quick upgrade. 

Experiment with Builds
While the classes present fairly rigid archetypes in terms of their skills and weapons, Diablo 3 offers a great many ways to tweak your builds. All active skills can be modified, switching up the elemental damage buff type or duration, while at higher levels you'll have enough passive skill slots to mitigate most stat losses you suffer due to gear deficiencies.

The Wizard in particular is highly customisable, allowing you to spec for specific elemental damage, while the Crusader can become a powerful support healer if you play most often with friends. Don't be afraid to experiment – no skill choices are permanent. And remember, spec for the situation; if you're playing with others, aim to be the missing piece the group needs. If you've got a dps-heavy group another Demon Hunter isn't going to be as much use as a Summoner or Healer.

Chase the Goblins
The Treasure Goblin used to appear randomly, skittering around the map with a bulging sack of loot. The more you hit him, the more he dropped and eventually you'd either kill him and earn his bounty or he'd escape through one of his little portals. Therefore, make sure you can track them and get the loot they are prepared for you!

Don't be afraid to spend
That means you should spend as much as you like on upgrades and items. On harder difficulties and at higher levels, money pours in, and you can always earn more. So never be afraid that you won't get rare loot or items once you spend them. Keep in mind that the more you spend, the more you can get. Besides, to buy d3 boost is always alternative whenever you are in need. 

Dress to kill
As with all good RPGs, in Diablo 3 half of doing good is looking good. Because you're constantly swapping out gear, you'll sometimes end up in a god-awful arrangement of armour that simply will not do. Luckily, there are ways to remedy a bad armour day. Vendors sell various dyes to apply a uniform hue to your gear, or the Mystic (a crafting NPC) will allow you to transmogrify your gear for a hefty price. Unique items often unlock new options too. Additionally, cosmetic items like wings, pets and banners add another suite of customisation options. Always look your best when vanquishing Evil.

As we say, well begin is half done, hope this guide can lead your way to the top players zone in Diablo 3. As mentioned above, d3itemsale.com is always the most reliable site for you to buy d3 items without any risk! Come to us directly when you need help!  

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