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How to Build Monk in Season 16's Uliana's Stratagem Set?

If you choose Monk as seasonal character, then Uliana will be the challenge set once you complete 4 chapters of seasonal journey. With the completion of these chapters, you will have a full 6-piece set bonus available to you, skyrocketing your character power well into the mid-to-high Torments. However, some tips are truly important for you. It's absolutely an honor for d3itemsale.com to share these tips for you. In addition, you can buy d3 boost from us with cheapest price to boost yourself up for Season 16.

As mentioned above, the set bonus will guarantee you great power. However, Uliana set is the biggest challenge you will face. Uliana builds are heavily focused on their Seven-Sided Strike. It will mostly be used to finish off monsters that had Exploding Palm. You will be speeding yourself up with Dashing Strike Dashing Strike and Mantra of Conviction Mantra of Conviction Annihilation Annihilation, and protecting yourself with Epiphany Epiphany Desert Shroud Desert Shroud. Therefore, you'd better buy d3 items in advance in case the danger.

Set Mechanics
Due to the way Uliana's set is built, two skills are non-negotiable inclusions to the playstyle. Your main damage dealer will be Exploding Palm. Seven-Sided Strike is also necessary for the playstyle, not only as supplementary damage, but also to detonate Exploding Palms on living enemies, circumventing the usual on-death requirement of the skill.

You will be including a resource generating attack not only to sustain Spirit for the hefty Seven-Sided Strike price, but also to spread Exploding Palm through the 2-piece set bonus. Way of the Hundred Fists is the usual recommendation for Uliana Monks, as it can augment the damage of EP detonations with the endgame rune Assimilation Assimilation, or speed you up during early game farming with the rune Blazing Fists Blazing Fists.

You will keep the signature movement tool of Monks, Dashing Strike, to take the "locked position" fighting style of Uliana from one brawl to the next. The recommended rune for early farming is Way of the Falling Star, as it offers the most flexible mobility in the random rift layouts. If you don't get it yet, then it's a good choice to buy diablo 3 items now and get fully prepared. His is very essential for you. 

With damage taken care of, the remaining slots should be filled up by personal protection and utility. Another Monk mainstay is the protective Epiphany Desert Shroud, which synergizes well with a build that dives into the fray to deliver its damage; the added mobility and Spirit regen are just extras on top. Monks usually finish builds off with a Mantra, and you can tailor your choice according to your needs: the farming-oriented movement increase of Mantra of Conviction Annihilation, the strong defensive Mantra of Salvation Agility, or the party-wide attack speed buff of Mantra of Retribution Transgression.

Uliana builds expose themselves to danger by the nature of the playstyle, so taking solid defensive passives like the Near Death Experience second life and the bulwark Harmony is recommended. The build hinges on cooldowns, so Beacon of Ytar is another logical inclusion. Finally, Mythic Rhythm is a massively strong, but very timing and situation-sensitive buff that uniquely synergizes with the Uliana playstyle and is universally included in it.

Basically the tips you need to know are all revealed above. Please visit d3itemsale.com if you want to learn more. In addition, we are always your best choice to buy d3 power leveling for we offer you cheapest price and instant deliver. Except that, there are more guaranteed services awaits you. Contact us to learn more! 

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