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Share Your Helpful Tips With Diablo Community

Since Diablo 3 arrives Nintendo Switch, thousands of new players have joined this amazing world. In order to help newcomers, Diablo 3 officially announced that they are going to hold a event called "Share Your Tips For #Newphalem" in Diablo community. D3itemsale.com will share the original post for you to learn more. In addition, you are highly welcomed to buy d3 items from our site with cheapest price at any time. 

Here is the original post.
"With the arrival of Diablo III on Nintendo Switch, tons of new players have joined the fight for Sanctuary—and with new players come familiar questions about the game.
Thankfully, our community of PC and console players has game knowledge in spades! To help these groups connect, we're creating an ongoing blog compiling helpful information, as well as a handful of helpful posts on social media.
Each week, we'll highlight the most helpful tips shared by veteran players in the Diablo community. To join in, simply share your tips for new players below or in a comment on our Twitter posts. If you can't come up with one for the current topic, don't worry—we'll cover new ones each week.

Have anything to add? Share your tips with the community!"

Apparently, developers hope players can communicate with each other. If you are a veteran, then don't be shy and share your experience with the newcomers now! You can not only help them complete the challenges easily but also make more people like this game.

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