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How To Survive Diablo 3 Season 16 As Newcomer?

Since Season 16 begins, lots of players started their new adventures. However, not everyone is experienced enough to complete these challenges. As the top Diablo3 items shop, d3itemsale.com is honored to offer you some helpful tips. Except that, we can also provide you top services to buy d3 items at cheapest price without any risk.

Now it's time to share these tips for you. First of all, this guide is not an extensive guide but more of a general guide that you can hopefully refer to every now and then. If you are interested, then please check it out below. 

Upgrade Your Gears
As a beginner, you are definitely not powerful. In order to upgrade yourself, upgrading all your gears to Ancients is the wisest choice. However being Ancient doesn't mean it's better than a non-Ancient, it's simply because an Ancient rolled Legendary can give you more oomph if rolled properly. In addition, having access to Ancients unlocks another path into perfecting gear, Augments.

Setting Challenging Goals & Changing Modes
Playing without some sort of concrete goal is by no means a bad idea. However, it might not be the smartest idea. You can play without a specific goal in mind, but you're going to burn out fast. A journey without a clear end leaves you with no motivation to continue. Make sure you always set yourself small and big goals when playing.

During the end of a season, one can argue that there not many goals left to set. On the contrary, there are more than I can count. Set yourself a certain GR level you would want to achieve and make sure you challenge yourself. After, try doing the same thing, if not slightly different, on another mode. Besides, you can buy d3 boost to boost yourself up if you meet any problems while completing these challenges. 

Farming Aesthetics 
Your gear is not the only thing Diablo 3 offers when it comes to grinding. Pennants, Wings, Pets, and Emblems can be found in all parts of the game. A good but not easy way of farming all the these is by hunting Rainbow Goblins.

Rainbow Goblins spawn anywhere in the open world of Diablo 3. When these special monsters die, they spawn a portal. With it, comes a chance to obtain Cosmic Wings and Rainbow Sword transmogs. Menagerist Goblins are Goblins that drop pets. Sometimes they drop a possible of 20 or so pets. All the more reason to hunt these guys and get a good pet collection going.

Hope these tips will be useful for you. More guides and tips can be found in previous news. You are welcomed to check them out. What's more, please remember to visit d3itemsale.com whenever you need to buy d3 power leveling or any other items. We are always by your side and offering you best Diablo 3 items with reasonable price!  

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