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Blizzard: Get Diablo 3 from GOG.COM now

According to Blizzard official website, Diablo series is available now on GOG.com. This is definitely a good news for all Diablo fans. In order to help you, D3itemsale.com will share the details with you today. You are welcomed to check them out below. Besides, if you need quick upgrade and power enhancement, please feel free to buy diablo 3 items from us with cheapest price and 100% secure instant delivery. 

Based on the information we know, Diablo is available in English only on GOG.com. And there will be two versions. The game is available in its original, unchanged Battle.net-compatible version as well as a GOG-enhanced version. And here is the original post of Blizzard. 

"On December 31, 1996, Diablo introduced the world to the dark, foreboding realm of Sanctuary. Heroes braved the depths below Tristram Cathedral to take on the Lord of Terror himself, kicking off an ongoing legacy in the world of action role-playing games. Today, players can once again explore this timeless Blizzard classic as it becomes available digitally and DRM-free for the first time ever, exclusively on GOG.COM!

Diablo has been lovingly preserved in its original form, featuring HD resolution support and compatibility fixes brought to you by the GOG team to ensure compatibility with modern PC operating systems. Play on your own or with friends via network or direct IP. Explore randomly generated rooms, corridors, traps, treasures, monsters, and stairways, all rendered in their original three-dimensional, SVGA enhanced graphics.

Ready to go back to where it all started? Diablo is available now direct from GOG.COM for $9.99!"

Although there is only Diablo available on GOG.com for now, more Blizzard games will be available soon. D3itemsale.com will update the latest information for you. As mentioned above, you can always buy d3 power leveling and any items for power enhancement. We have over 10 years rich experience to help all Diablo players complete all kinds of challenges, therefore we are absolutely your best choice to seek help from. If you need a reliable online shop to buy d3 boost and items, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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