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Diablo 3: Season 16 Ends Until May 12

Lots of Diablo 3 players assumed that Season 16 will end soon. It won't be long till we get a new expansion and adventures. However, based on the information d3itemsale.com knows, we will have to wait till May 12th before we have a clue about Season 7 and a new update. But for those players who love Season 16, you guys can enjoy this amazing season and have fun. For your information, you are always welcomed to buy diablo 3 items from our site if you are in need. 

According to Blizzard, Season 16 is the most popular season so far. They are very glad players like this one. Also they need more time to prepare Season 17 and Patch 2.6.5, therefore they decide to extend it till May 12th. Here is the original post.

"Season 16 has proved to be our most popular Themed Season yet, and we're glad to hear so many of you are enjoying experimenting with the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff," also , "To accommodate both the desire we've heard for an extension of Season 16 as well as to give us more time to prepare Season 17 (and Patch 2.6.5), we are moving the Season 16 end date to May 12", Blizzard said on the forums.

Blizzard said they have seen some really cool and unique builds come out of community theorycrafting and seeing them play out in practice has been exciting! They have plans for Season 17, but they are going to need some time to be tested both internally and via PTR closer to launch.

Apparently we still need a long time to begin new adventures in Diablo 3. But you can still enjoy the fun in Season 16 right now. If you need to buy d3 power leveling or whatever you are in need, d3itemsale.com is always here for you. We provide the best price and services just to make sure that you can buy d3 boost and other items conveniently with least cost. If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us. It's a great honor for us to offer you help.

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