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Season 17 May Get Released After One Week!

According to Diablo 3 dev team, they still need a one-week PTR to fully test Season 17 and Patch 2.6.5. Although we have to wait for one week, there already are more details revealed for us. Apparently they have made some changes about Season 17 after the test. D3itemsale.com is glad to share new details with you. You can  have a preview today. In addition, you can also buy diablo 3 items on our site with cheapest price if you need enhancement!

Previously they released some general and item changes, according to the latest information, they make some new balance about new changes. Here are the details you may want to know!

General Changes:  
- Torment 14, 15, and 16 have been added to the game.
Adjustments have been made to enemy Health and Damage in Torment 14, 15, and 16 to better match up to Greater Rift 65, 70, and 75 respectively. Rewards for Infernal Machines, Organs, and Greater Rift Keys have been improved.

Items Changes:
- Akkhan's Leniency: Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases damage of your Blessed Shield by 30-35%for 3 seconds.
- Chantodo's Will: Wave of Destruction damage now scales with Attack Speed.
- Grace of Inarius: 6-Piece Bonus. Bone Armor also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 1000% weapon damage and increasing the damage they take from the Necromancer by 10000%
- Sin Seekers: Now also adds 250-300% damage to Rapid Fire.
- Wojahnni Assaulter: Rapid Fire deals 75-100% increased damage for every half second that you channel. Stacks up to 4 30 times. The stacks gained from Wojahnni Assaulter now also stack much more quickly.

We can't confirm this is the final version of new changes. D3itemsale.com will keep updating the latest news for you. As mentioned above, you are welcomed to buy d3 power leveling from us at any time. We offer you considerate services with best price to make sure you can buy d3 boost and all kinds of items without any risk! No more hesitation, act now for power enhancement!

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