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Blizzard Confirmed Diablo 4 Won't Launch in 2019

Blizzard brought us all a very exciting news about Diabo 4 last fall. However, another fall is  about to come, we still didn't see the release of Diablo 4. Based on the information D3itemsale.com knows, Blizzard delayed the release date of Diablo 4 to 2020. Let's check the details together below. In addition, we are always the best place for you to buy diablo 3 items with cheapest price and top services. 

According to Blizzard, hardware is the biggest reason they don't launch Diablo 4 this year. Both the next-gen Xbox console and the PlayStation 5 will hit stores during the Christmas 2020 season, and Diablo fans will probably appreciate buying Diablo 4 bundled with the console of their choice.

As we all know, BlizzCon 2019 kicks off on November 1st, there's plenty of waiting left to do before the potential Diablo 4 announcement. That would be the perfect place to unveil it, assuming 2020 really is when the game will be released. This is all speculation based on a paragraph from a story from French-language Le Monde that focused on the current state of affairs at one of Blizzard's offices in Paris. Specifically, Le Monde looked at Blizzard's planned layoffs in Europe that were announced back in February. 

Since there aren't any other information, all we can do is waiting for BlizzCon 2019 to see whether Blizzard has anything new to announce for either Diablo or Overwatch. You can stay tuned on D3itemsale,.com for latest Diablo news and buy d3 power leveling cheap and safe all time. We are always the best! 

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