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Diablo Netflix Series Upcoming!

Blizzard brought us a big news about animated TV series based on the Diablo franchise In August 2018. However, there are no more information about this thrilling TV series since then. D3itemsale.com have recently learned that the new Diablo animated series for Activision and Netflix is around the corner! Let's check the details together below. Besides, you are always welcomed to buy diablo 3 items cheap and safe here without any risk! 

We have learned that Cosby is writing the scripts for the series. What's more, he would not only be writing for the series but acting as showrunner as well. For those not familiar with the term, a showrunner is the person with creative control for a TV program, sometimes credited as executive producer. Cosby has worked on and created a variety of TV and film projects ranging from writing the recent Hellboy reboot to being co-creator of the TV show Eureka. Cosby is also the co-founder of BOOM! Studios, a comic book publisher that has worked on the comic book adaptions for a number of popular series such as Toy Story, Warhammer 40k, and numerous other film tie-ins. Cosby has the background for writing mature content as well as experience in working with adaptations of preexisting properties, which adds a lot of credibility behind the rumors that he was selected to head up the Diablo Netflix project.

It appears that those behind the scenes talks did eventually go somewhere, because on March 8th Blizzard filed a new trademark for Diablo in regards to a film or movie for a video-on-demand service.

Netflix has contributed further to the speculation around the possible Diablo series by acquiring and producing a growing number of video game adaptations, including shows for The Witcher, The Division, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and an all-new season for its hit Castlevania series. Diablo fits right in with these other series, building a collection of mature, adult-themed shows to add to Netflix's catalog of content.

With the annual San Diego Comic Con coming next week, maybe we can get a formal announcement of the series could be at our doorstep. There is no doubt that every D3 player is excited about this brand new Diablo TV show. Stay tuned on d3itemsale.com for more latest news. As mentioned above, you are always welcomed to buy d3 boost and any other D3 items at any time when you are in need.

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