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Things You Must Do to Level Up in Season 18!

In Diablo 3 Season 18, every player will need to level up from 0 to 70 again. But what should you do to level up more quickly? Today, D3itemsale.com will share a simple guide to help you. Of course, you are welcomed to buy d3 power leveling on our sit if you really need a quick upgrade! But let's check out the guide here. 

Challenge Rift Reward
As you may know, once you've created your first Seasonal hero the best strategy is to make a game and then quickly leave & change the settings to the Challenge Rift. If you haven't completed the Challenge Rift in season 18, go ahead and complete it now. It will grant your season 18 fresh character a "Challenge Rifts Reward" which contains 5.1M Gold, a bunch of materials and Blood Shards once you complete the quest.

Kanai's Cube
After completing the challenge rift, you need to head over to Act 3 Ruins of Sescheron, run to the end of the zone and get Kanai's Cube. Once this mission is done, you can level up both Mystic and Blacksmith NPCs to level 12. It's crucial that this part is finished because it'll allow you to use Kanai's Cube with a powerful item.

Weapon Crafting
Each character requires a different rare weapon to be crafted. Best weapons to craft and upgrade for the S18 level rushing strategy:
- Barbarian: 1H Mighty Weapon
- Necromancer: 2H Scythe
- Wizard:1H Wand
- Demon Hunter: 1H Dagger
- Crusader: Crusader Shield
- Witch Doctor: Mojo
- Monk: 2H Daibo

Best way to spend Blood Shards in S18
Do you know how to use Blood Shards you received from the Challenge Rifts reward box? By using a great D3 Blood Shards Planner tool, you can effectively see which items you can get for a class at a certain level. Head over to the site, choose your class and place the character on level one. With Squirt's Necklace being a completely overpowered item right now in season 18, you'll definitely want to try and gamble for it since you can get it at level one for any class.

Crafting a main weapon for lvl 35-40
You'll definitely want to craft any lvl 70 two-handed rare weapon in Season 18. The effect of choice on the weapon should be an effect like a fear or slow. Along with that, the best stat for this weapon is going to be life gained on hit. If your weapon doesn't come with these modifiers, craft again until you get a weapon which does.  Once a lvl 70 weapon with a slow/fear/fear and LGoH is acquired, head over to the Mystic and re-roll the secondary affix that isn't a slow, freeze or a fear effect. By having LGoH the secondary affix will only be able to roll Monster Kills Grant More Experience, Ignores Durability Loss and Level Requirement Reduction. Reroll until you get a value of 25 to 30+ Level Requirement Reduction as this weapon is going to carry you during mid-game leveling.

Hope this simple guide can help you. There are more guides and tips for you on our site. Whenever you need latest D3 news or buy diablo 3 items, visit D3itemsale.com without any hesitation!  

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