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D3itemsale.com: How to Gear Up in Diablo 3 Efficiently?

As we all know, gears can boost players in Diablo 3. But do you know how to identify a gear is good for you to use. What makes one piece of gear better than others? Learn all the tips from D3itemsale.com now. If you don't want to spend time farming and boosting yourself, then buy diablo 3 items from us would also be a good choice.

As we all know, in Diablo 3, equipment comes in a wide variety of pieces for a wide variety of armor slots. Except that, there are also weapons. Weapons are a special case in that the most you can ever use is two of them, one in each hand, and some are two-handed. There are also ranged weapons that don’t actually count as either one- or two-handed. Then how to use gears to boost your weapons and equipment? First of all, you need to understand the mechanism of gears. 

Common quality gear: This gear is denoted in the game by white text. The Apprentice's Scythe my Necromancer started with is a good example of Common quality items. They will continue to drop throughout the game as you level, but they are the bottom rung of the gearing ladder. A white item will usually be better than nothing but any other item quality will usually be an upgrade.

Magic quality gear: They are almost always superior to white items unless said common quality item is just many, many levels higher and if that happens you'll almost certainly have a Magic drop first that will be better. Magic items also tend to enhance your stats in some way, like a bonus to XP gain or Thorns damage or what have you.

Set gear: Set gear is that when worn with other pieces of the same set it will grand a greater bonus. These Set Bonuses are often highly sought after because they can enhance a playstyle, as in the case of the Wrath of the Wastes set which buffs Rend and Whirlwind and rewards a Barbarian player who is using those two skills. 

Here comes the most important contents for you. How to use all these gears to boost yourself efficiently? Check out the following tips. 
- Given equivalent levels, Orange and Green items are the best, followed by yellow, followed by blue, and last white, which is the worst quality gear. However, a yellow or blue item that is significantly higher level (a level 67 yellow vs a level 30 Legendary) will sometimes be an upgrade.

- Even a white quality item is better than nothing — if you have nothing in a slot, go ahead and put that white on. Otherwise, vendor it for gold or dismantle it for crafting materials.

- The best way to get items is to kill monsters. That's where they drop. Also remember to smash as many containers and open as many chests as possible, because they can also contain gold and loot.

We believe these tips can help you gear up more efficiently. You are welcomed to learn more helpful tips or buy d3 power leveling from d3itemsale.com for power enhancement. We'd be very honored to help you.  

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