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1.You will earn hellfire amulet X10(item lv70).
2.You need to provide your account.
3.Free Paragon Level upgrade.
4.ETA 1 Business Day.

>The Hellfire Amulet has a special legendary property of enabling one passive skill (from the class that crafts the amulet). It does not provide any +experience% boost, as does the Hellfire Ring.
>This skill is selected from one of the passives on the class that rolls the amulet, and passive skills are of no benefit cross-class.
>Creating a Hellfire Amulet needs to select the different recipe such as Leoric’s Regret、Idol of Terror、Vial of Putridness、Heart of Evil, gold and Forgotten Souls.
>The main property of hellfire amulet depends on the class that crafts the amulet. For example, a Demon Hunter can't benefit from a Monk or Barbarian or Crusader's passive, etc.


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