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1.You will earn hellfire amulet*20(item lv70).
2.You need to provide your account.
3.Free Paragon Level upgrade.
4.ETA 1 Business Day.

The Hellfire Amulet has a special legendary property of enabling one passive skill (from the class that crafts the amulet). It does not provide any +experience% boost, as does the Hellfire Ring.
This skill is selected from one of the passives on the class that rolls the amulet, and passive skills are of no benefit cross-class.
Creating a Hellfire Amulet needs to select the different recipe such as Leoric’s Regret、Idol of Terror、Vial of Putridness、Heart of Evil, gold and Forgotten Souls.
The main property of hellfire amulet depends on the class that crafts the amulet. For example, a Demon Hunter can't benefit from a Monk or Barbarian or Crusader's passive, etc.


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